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National Human Development Report -
 Slovak Republic 2000
(in .pdf format)



Executive Summary


Recent Developments and Trends in Slovakia

The Political Situation
Economic Development and the Labor Market
Training and Education
Demographic Development and the Situation in Health

The Gender Dimension in Slovakia

Theories of Democracy and the Gender Aspect
Reasons for the Poor Acceptance of the Gender Dimension in Slovakia  
A Short Trip to the History – Starting Point of the Transformation
Gender Differences in the Labor Market (Economy)
Gender Dimension in Politics
Development of Crime and Violence
International and National Support Mechanisms

Faces of Poverty in Slovakia

Poverty and Social Exclusion
Poverty of the Roma

Measuring the Quality of Life

Measuring Human Development
Measuring Gender (In)equality
How to Improve Life Quality Measures?

Conclusions and Recommendations

Impact of the National Report
Human Development Balance Sheet (1995-2000)

Statistical Appendix

Human Development Index HDI

Gender-related Development Index GDI 


Team of Authors

Roman Džambazovič - Faculty of Philosophy, Comenius University
(Poverty of the Roma)

Jarmila Filadelfiová - The Bratislava International Centre for Family Studies
(Demographic Development, The Gender Dimension in Slovakia)

Lucia Haulíková - Faculty of Philosophy, Comenius University
(Economic Development and the Labor Market)

Eugen Jurzyca - Institute for Economic and Social Reforms
(Economic Development and the Labor Market)

Silvia Miháliková - Faculty of Philosophy, Comenius University
(The Gender Dimension in Slovakia)

Eugen Plačintár - Statistical Office of the Slovak Republic
(Statistical Appendix)

Vladislav Rosa - State School Inspection
(Training and Education)

Soňa Szomolányi - Faculty of Philosophy, Comenius University
(The Political Situation)

Katarína Šimúnková - Faculty of Education, Comenius University
(Poverty and Social Exclusion)

Luboš Vagač - Center for Economic Development
(Measuring the Quality of Life, Conclusions and Recommendations)

Michal Vašečka - Institute for Public Affairs
(Poverty of the Roma)

English language editor

Patrick Murphy






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