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Study on the Social Protection Systems in the 13 Applicant Countries

The project aims to analyze the social systems in EU candidate countries. It includes the preparation of 13 country studies by independent institutions and the compilation of a comparative synthesis report. The studies describe and analyze the social protection systems on the basis of a common methodology, identifying the major challenges in the current social, economic and demographic context, assessing recent reform efforts and highlighting major current issues for further reform. The main areas analyzed include demographic developments, social and economic situation, pension system, poverty and social exclusion, and health care. The project was supported by the European Commission (DG Employment and Social Affairs) and was coordinated by GVG - Gesellschaft für Versicherungswissenschaft und -gestaltung e.V.

Main activities:

International conference on Modernisation of Social protection Systems in Candidate Countries 
(Brussels, 5-6 December 2002)

Final study approved by the European Commission (January-February 2003)





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