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EU Enlargement and its impact on the social policy and labor markets of accession and non-accession countries

The project is a research and advocacy program to develop the national labor market policies and social security systems for mitigating the tensions and social costs related to labor migration and free movement of workers in accession and non-accession countries. Another important goal of the project is to examine the impacts of EU labor migration policy towards accession and non-accession countries and to suggest measures with respect to labor market and social policies to mitigate possible negative effects, transferring knowledge, experience, skills, and lessons learned between NGOs from Bulgaria, Slovakia, Estonia and Macedonia. The project is supported by Freedom House

Partner organizations:

Bulgaria: Center for Economic Development

Slovakia: Center for Economic Development

Estonia: PRAXIS Center for Policy Studies

Macedonia: Euro Balkan Institute


Kick-off workshop (Bratislava, February 21, 2003)
presentation by Luboš Vagač

Policy Forum (Sofia, May 30, 2003)
presentation by Luboš Vagač

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